Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know this is the blog with my illustrations, but it's good to remind you I am also a passionate musician :) Since I somehow cannot publish my lyrics on myspace, I am doing it here. These are the lyrics to one of my newest song "Toxicated". I think they're ones of those most powerful I've written.

Listen to it here!

1) He toxicated me at night
slid lightly to my bed
kissed gently all my life
Will I live? Will I live? Will I live?
Woke up with boiling blood in veins
with fever in my heart
and I'm still wondering ah
Will I live? Will I live? Will I live?
Hey doctor tell me please right now
is there a cure for lover's vow?
Everybody tells me no
"Just don't meet him again
just get away from him
you will live, you will live, you will live"
But I am stubborn like before
is it the power of the strong -
or is it wrong?
Running away from senses
Chasing you like a fool
I don't know where you're getting at
I cannot stop you
Someday we'll be together
even if it's my dream
nothing else coming to my mind
you toxicated me

2) He toxicated me with words
and his warm gentle moves
Oh will I ever lose
Will I live? Will I live? Will I live?
You should be worried 'bout my strength
can't you see Im losing my health
mental health

Chorus: Running away from senses...

My heart is stronger than you
My soul is fighting with you


  1. Wpada w ucho:) Bardzo zdolna bestia z Ciebie! Sukcesów życzę!

  2. A dziękować serdecznie :) wzajemnie!!