Friday, May 4, 2012

"There are no children - there are people."

This is my illustration for upcoming group exhibition organised by artists from my ex uni - European Academy of Arts. It will be held at the beginning of June in Warsaw, in memory of a noble Polish writer and poet Janusz Korczak. He was a great supporter of children during the II World War; the exhibition itself is also in theme of Chilldren's Day.

I did my illustration inspired by Korczak's quote "There are no children; there are people." I played around how to tell a little story of childhood and maturity, how those stages blend in our whole life.

I am also  going to perform/sing on the opening of the exhibition; I am looking forward to this venue!


  1. I love your illustrations , you are a great inspiration for me

    1. <3 thank you, that's one of the best things that artist can hear!

  2. This illustration is great, you'r very creative.