Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guise Magazine

Oooh la la! I haven't been here for a long while! However the explanation is quite simple... I was enjoying my holidays and then another new internship at Lamis Khamis where I was designing a new t-shirt menswear collection.

In the meantime I also became an illustrator at Guise Magazine - an upcoming fresh title about costume design. Here are the works that will appear in the first issue. A portrait of Joey Attawia - costume film designer and a few illustrations reflecting famous designs in movies: Grease, Red Shoes and Clueless (coming soon!).


  1. Długo wypatrywałam u Ciebie czegoś nowego, a Tu dziś patrze i niespodzianka ;)Druga ilustracja jest fantastyczna, szczególnie pierwszy plan! :)

    1. Dziękuję :) Cieszę się, że są wśród obserwatorów wierni czytelnicy :D