Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's rather more possible to understand mainly for polish people or those, who have ever vistited Warsaw. 'Warszafka' is a critical and slang word for calling our
capital, which means the atmosphere that you can somwewhow feel there - fast living, people chacing the success, being bossy. Inoticed that many younger ppl from warsaw adore wearing high brand polos - and there HAS TO be a logo on it. The more you show off with it and it is visible, the better and the more 'cool' you are. It makes me somehow laugh, since ppl abroad wear the same polos with much less pride and snobbism. And I also included the game with words - 'szafka' in polish means 'wardrobe'. The logo on the polo is a siren, which is an official sign of Warsaw. I made the whole project simple, in order to focus on the idea itself.

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